7. CARE’s capacity and experience

With over 60 years of experience assisting communities to address development challenges, improve their livelihoods and reduce their vulnerability to emergencies, CARE is uniquely positioned to address the global HIV and AIDS epidemic. CARE has an institutional commitment to tackle underlying causes of poverty through multi-sectoral programme approaches, and continues to strengthen its responses and strategic partnerships as a key strategy to improve the lives of people affected by HIV and AIDS.

From a single project started in 1987, CARE now addresses HIV and AIDS in over 40 countries with support from a range of public and private donors. CARE’s strengths in responding to the AIDS crisis include broad geographic coverage, multi-sector poverty alleviation expertise, technical HIV and AIDS expertise, and decades of experience in strengthening the capacity of community-based organisations and linking communities to health care and other services.

A full capacity statement detailing CARE’s approach to HIV/AIDS programming is available at Annex 9.3.4 CARE’s HIV and AIDS Capacity Statement.