10. Tally and receipt sheets

Distribution tally sheets and receipt sheets provide the primary proof that distribution has taken place.

  • Distribution Tally Sheet: A list of only ration card numbers
  • Distribution Receipt Sheet: A list of ration card numbers as well as corresponding name of head of household, household size, per person ration size, and spaces for date and signature of recipient verifying that the ration has been received.

Prior to all distributions, tally sheets and receipt sheets must be generated from an updated Master Recipient (Beneficiary) List.

Tally sheets and receipt sheets should contain information for only those recipients eligible to attend the specific distribution.

Separate tally sheets and receipts sheets should be prepared for each household size. In other words, there should be one tally sheet and one receipt sheet for all households with only one member, a second set of sheets for all households with two members, and so on.

If multiple communities are receiving distributions from the same site on the same day, separate sets of sheets must be produced for each distinct community.

Upon entering the distribution site, a recipient presents his/her ration card to the tally clerk. The tally clerk places a check next to the corresponding ration card number on the tally sheet to verify that the cardholder is entitled to receive rations at that particular site and/or distribution date.

After receiving rations, the recipient signs the space on the receipt sheet next to his/her name and exits the distribution area. Simply marking X or making an illegible signature is not sufficient. If a thumbprint is taken, then the name of the person giving the thumbprint should be written below the print.

Community leaders or members of the distribution committee (if applicable) should also sign the receipt sheet as witnesses after completion of the distribution for their community.

Once the distribution is complete, the tally clerk calculates the total number of recipients who presented ration cards. Likewise, the receipts clerk calculates the total number of recipients who received rations, as well as the total quantities of goods and commodities received.

All tally sheets and receipts sheets must be presented to the Distribution Manager at the end of the day.