2. Who is it for?

The CET is a broad resource and at different times will be useful for anyone who works for CARE – from field officers leading focus group discussions to Country Directors and CARE Member staff.

The primary audience is staff in Country Offices or emergency personnel deployed to an operation, as you will have the most to gain from understanding how CARE works on a particular theme, or from getting access to a template or form.  The CET is huge, and you should dip into it for the information you need. For individuals, you might want to read just about your specific job area, or search for guidance on one specific topic. If your job means working on emergencies every day, then you might need or want to read about CARE’s structures, protocols and policies for emergency response.  The CET is for use by Country Offices, CARE International Members and regional offices.

The CET is open-access and available to the whole world. We particularly hope that people working with CARE’s partner organizations will make use of it. It will help you to understand CARE’s systems and how we can work better together, and hopefully give you inspiration or ideas for what you want to do in your own organization to respond to humanitarian crisis more effectively. CARE is particularly proud of its work on programs that promote gender equality in emergencies, and our work on accountability to affected people, so perhaps you want to look at that. Please make use of whatever is helpful for you.

The CET also allows our supporters and stakeholders from all over the world to see how we work and the systems we have in place to ensure that women, men, boys and girls affected by crisis get the support they need.