8. Recipient notification

Prior to the distribution, recipients must be well informed of when the distribution will take place and what the beneficiary entitlements are. Methods to inform recipients include:

  • requesting community leaders for each population division to inform each of their respective populations. This can only be effective where stable and trusted community structures exist, and where most community members are recipients
  • ensuring women are involved in community consultation and information sharing
  • requesting leaders of churches, temples, and/or mosques in the area to disseminate distribution information
  • posting information on message boards at the distribution site
  • for a targeted segment of the total population (e.g. pregnant and lactating mothers, female-headed households), passing information through health clinics, women’s groups or any other community groups that are affiliated with the target population
  • distributing leaflets appropriate to the literacy level of the recipients.
  • Use community major events or market days to spread messages about distribution days