3.2 Arrival arrangements

The administration unit should make arrival arrangements for incoming staff, including the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate closely with the HR unit and track arrival details of all incoming personnel including arrival date and time, flight or transport details, passport number, and final destination.
  • Maintain a travel information board that provides arrival and departure information of all travelling staff. A sample is provided in Annex 18.3 Sample Travel Information Board.
  • Confirm accommodation arrangements prior to arrival (see section 3.4).
  • Confirm pick-up arrangements (with CARE drivers or a secure taxi company).
  • In coordination with the HR unit, ensure all incoming personnel receive timely pre-arrival information (before they leave their home location). Refer to Human resources, pre-deployment planning checklist. Pre-arrival information should include:
    • arrival instructions (whether staff will be picked up by a CARE driver, the name of the driver or what taxi service is safe)
    • name and address of selected accommodation
    • emergency contact telephone numbers of key CO staff
    • host CO address, office timings and any critical internal regulations
    • background briefing on country, working conditions and emergency programme
    • written security briefing
    • a laminated CARE identification card (see Human resourcesAnnex 18.63 ID card-template)
  • If required by host country regulations, the administration unit should arrange for new international staff to formally register at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a local police station or other government office, on arrival or within a specified time limit. This is often required to:
    • extend the duration of the visa
    • obtain travel permits to get to the emergency zone
    • receive an official identification card from the government as a humanitarian worker
    • obtain permission to drive a vehicle in the country.
    • Coordinate with HR for new staff to commence induction, and be provided with necessary briefings and equipment once they arrive at the office for duty (see the chapter on Human resources, and section 3.3).