CARE’s position

CARE recognizes that international law guarantees humanitarian space to aid workers, and that states and non-state actors in control of territory bear responsibility for fulfilling the minimum conditions for humanitarians to operate in conflict-affected areas. To facilitate access to the humanitarian space, CARE emphasizes the application of the humanitarian principles. In other words, CARE’s work should be guided by need, and CARE should strive to be impartial, independent, and neutral, and to advocate for these principles to be upheld throughout the humanitarian system.

CARE promotes a coordinated, proactive approach to addressing humanitarian space concerns. Where possible, CARE’s experience shows that working in coalition with like-minded humanitarian agencies operating in the same context can help maintain the humanitarian space; strengthen humanitarian operations; and ensure that no agency’s work is undermined. Advocacy, whether by CARE alone or collectively (CARE’s preferred approach, where feasible), should be as proactive as possible, to keep issues from multiplying.