1.2.1 Ensuring adequate procurement staffing levels

Quick, effective procurement in an emergency requires the right number of staff with the right skills to be in place in the procurement team as quickly as possible. Inadequate staffing in the procurement unit will result in overburdening staff, causing stress, conflict of interest and inefficiencies that cause bottlenecks. This will delay the delivery of urgently needed relief to people affected by the disaster.

To avoid this, ensure that procurement staffing needs are considered very early in the emergency response. The level of staffing should be based on an analysis of the projected scope of the response compared with existing capacity. Any additional capacity required should be requested immediately through either local recruitment or internationally via the CERT mechanism (refer to Human resources ).

To assess and activate staffing needs, use the following checklist:

  • Using information from the assessment of relief and operational materials required (see section 5), estimate the number of personnel and skill level of each required to meet the scope of the emergency response.
  • Ensure that you have considered the procurement staffing needs at all CO locations, including decentralized procurement at sub-offices.
  • Consider segregation of duties to avoid conflict of interest and audit issues.
  • Determine if staffing can be reallocated within the existing procurement unit. Wherever possible, put more experienced staff onto emergency duties, with new and less experienced staff back-stopping regular duties.
  • Check with other units for cross-coverage of positions and other expertise available.
  • Conduct gap analysis and take steps to immediately fill gaps.
  • Advise HR and CARE USA Procurement Mgr on personnel needs for the various locations.
  • Alert HR and CARE USA Procurement Mgr if international personnel are required.
  • Provide HR and CARE USA Procurement Mgr with the necessary job descriptions for the various positions.
  • Prepare an organizational chart for the new emergency procurement team.
  • Conduct orientation and briefing for all procurement staff assigned to emergency procurement duties.
  • If CARE location is using PeopleSoft ensure Staff involved with procurement know how to use the system and understand workflow approvals.