7.4 Contracts with transporters

(Refer also to Chapter 1 Logistics .)

Contracts with transporters need to consider the following issues:

  • Obtain all relevant data from either the programme or logistics unit about transport requirements, including frequency of movement, tonnages to be hauled, warehouse locations, and delivery points and times (refer also to Chapter 1 Logistics).
  • Discuss with the programme and/or logistics unit which type of contract is best suited for your needs, considering:
  • a daily standard contract
  • a contract based on tonnages hauled
  • a fixed-quantity contract that is also time-bound
  • whether it is a flat-rate fee for haulage from point to point irrespective of the tonnage/carrying capacity, or if it is a per kilometre/per tonne basis.
  • Based on the above information, obtain quotes from registered transporters and select the preferred vendor(s) (refer to section 6.3) and negotiate the contract.
  • It is advisable not to negotiate transport deals with brokers/agents-in some countries, this system does exist. This could jeopardise your emergency operations.
  • Always try to negotiate with the owners of trucks. Check vehicle documents to verify and confirm ownership before signing any agreement with any transporter.
  • Physically check the truck to confirm its roadworthiness.
  • Ensure that all transport contracts are vetted with a local attorney who will provide advice on all local legal requirements.
  • Contracts with transporters should consider CARE’s liability issues in case of accidents and/or injuries/loss of life, and other aspects such as responsibility for transit losses/damage, wrong deliveries or delayed deliveries.
  • Contracts with transporters should include a clause that indicates the transporter cannot subcontract the work without the explicit written agreement of CARE.
  • Make photocopies of driver’s licences of drivers who are assigned to the trucks. This confirms that the driver is authorised to drive that particular category of truck and that the licence is still valid.