6. CARE’s policy commitments

CARE is committed to using a protection approach in an emergency context, which will ensure that our response actions improve people’s security and do not expose them to further risks. This can be seen in CARE’s vision and mission statements, programming framework, and policies such as those aimed at the prevention of sexual exploitation and child protection. A commitment to protection is also a key part of CARE’s engagement with sector standards promoted by ALNAP in Protection: An ALNAP guide for humanitarian agencies, Sphere, HAP and The good enough guide (Annex 31.13).

CARE is committed to a rights-based approach to humanitarian action, including:

  • Respect human rights by not violating human rights ourselves
  • Work towards the protection of people’s human rights
  • Promote greater awareness of rights and responsibilities
  • Help people fulfil their human rights, either directly or by facilitating the efforts of other actors.