6.3 Vendor selection and screening

The procurement unit manages the vendor selection process on the basis of requirements defined by the purchase requisition form. Methods for vendor selection include:

  • sole or single sourcing
  • request for quotations
  • sealed bidding process.

Wherever possible, a competitive selection process must be undertaken for vendor selection through a quotation or tender process. Where the requirements of the emergency are urgent or unique are clearly detailed, sole or single sourcing may be justifiable to speed up the procurement process. Sole or single sourcing must be clearly justified and documented for audit purposes.

Sole source: Sole sourcing exists when only one source is available (like a local water company in many cities and towns) or when only one source makes an item that the organisation wants to buy.

Single source: Single sourcing exists when a buying organisation actively selects one supplier although more than one is available.

  • The requirement for quotes or sealed bids will be determined by the bidding thresholds outlined in CAREs CI Harmonization Procurement Policy. These limits should be increased automatically for the emergency period to help with more rapid procurement (refer to section 3). In the absence of an existing CO procurement policy, refer to the Lead Member for recommended thresholds.
  • The procurement unit should prepare and issue a request for quotation (RFQ) for the goods and services required.
  • RFQs and vendor responses should be tracked using Annex 12.6 Tracking Sheet for Sealed Bids.
  • The procurement unit should coordinate the analysis of bids and selection of vendors.
  • Processes for the review of bids (for example bid committees) should be streamlined for the period of the emergency. Follow CAREs CI Harmonization Procurement Policy.

When selected as the preferred supplier, vendors must be screened before CARE confirms an order or contract with them. Vendors should be pre-selected and screened during the EPP process. If this is not the case, then:

  • request potential vendors and suppliers to complete a vendor questionnaire (Annex 12.4)
  • check references, preferably from other NGOs
  • screen all potential vendors against the anti-terrorism and debarred listings, for both individuals and organisations. A report of this screening process should be printed and placed in the procurement file. Note in PeopleSoft new vendors are checked by Bridger World Tracker when upon entering them in the system. Vendor is added only after successful clearance in system. CARE USA currently uses the Bridger World Tracker software. Check with your Lead Member for appropriate software.
  • If you do not have a particular software tool, you may request CARE USA in Atlanta for access to CARE USA’s tool. Please contact legal@care.org.