6.3 Funding portfolio matrix

The Funding Portfolio Matrix is designed to monitor the status of all funding sources available and expected. It also indicates the funding timeline and the funding distribution by programme sector. Two versions of the Funding Portfolio Matrix are available under Annex 17.10.  Option A-B (Blank Form and Example, respectively) is for COs with the capability to produce expense reports and contract status reports on demand at any time. Option C-D (Blank Form and Example, respectively) is for COs with scheduled or limited expense reporting.

The Funding Portfolio Matrix highlights several important financial indicators that should be monitored carefully. For example:

  • gaps and excesses in funding
  • monitoring expenditure rates against the budget from the start of funding to the present
  • contract expired time and actual monthly expenditure rate against required monthly expenditure rates
  • valuable contract information including reporting schedule.

This document should be prepared and updated by the CO Grants and Contracts/Finance Controller with input from budget preparers, and should be circulated to Team Leaders and other field-based staff at least twice a month.