3. General contract compliance requirements


  • Ensure all managers are aware of contract compliance obligations.
  • Be aware of any exceptions/exemptions under donor emergency guidelines.

There are donor contract compliance obligations during emergencies as at any other time. However, there may be exceptions/exemptions under donor emergency guidelines that the CO should be are aware of. Key donor contract compliance areas that need to be considered include:

  • eligible expenditure-what costs may or may not be charged to a particular project according to donor regulations
  • period of project expenditure-the start and end dates of when expenditure may be charged to a project
  • procurement regulations
  • flexibility/approval for changes to the project design including project budget
  • cash flow/payment schedule
  • monitoring and reporting
  • record keeping.

General guidance (i.e. non-emergency specific) on contract compliance is available at Annex 10.2 Chapter Five-Contract compliance, ‘The Basics of Project Implementation-A Guide for Project Managers’ (November 2007).