4.9 Cash receipts

The following is the standard procedure to follow when cash or cash equivalents are received-such as a refund of travel advances, unspent project advances, personal telephone calls and receipt of project funds (local receipts):

  • 1. Immediately document such receipts, whether in the form of cash or cheques, and issue to the payee a pre-numbered official receipt.
  • 2. Official receipts should have three copies, one of which is given to the payee, one of which is retained in the receipt book, and one of which is attached to the Cash Receipt Voucher (see step 5).
  • 3. Deposit all amounts received by the CO or sub-office into a bank account, either on the same day (if the receipt is before the close of banking hours) or the next working day (if the receipt is after the close of banking hours).
  • 4. Also record all such receipts in a Transactions Register.
  • 5. Prepare a Cash Receipt Voucher (Annex 17.9) upon receipt. This document provides instructions on which bank accounts and fund codes/account codes will receive the funds. This voucher is serially numbered by the month.