3.2 Recommended changes to regular procedures for procurement in emergencies

The Country Director or, in the case of non-presence countries, the Emergency Team Leader or the Regional Director can make following changes provided these changes are compliant with donor regulations.

  • Increase authorization limits of staff for approving Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders.
  • In PeopleSoft environment, emergency approval thresholds should be set up in PeopleSoft through workflow approval. Contact Shared Service Center for further information.
  • Inclusion of additional personnel to approve Purchase Requisitions or Purchase Orders.
  • Decrease the number of required committee members for approving new vendors.
  • Increase check signatory limits.
  • Relax check-run (pay cycle) dates for emergency purchases to help with immediate payments.
  • Decentralise procurement to enable larger-scale procurement at the field level

In addition, a waiver request may be made to the concerned policy owner and or CMP for the following changes:

  • Increase the bidding/quotation thresholds
  • Increase the thresholds for direct purchase
  • Suspend the requirement for multiple quotes
  • Suspend sealed and public bidding procedures (if this is part of your normal process).

Procurement procedures must always comply with individual donor guidelines. However, donor guidelines may also allow such modifications in an emergency situation, subject in some cases to donor approval. Refer to section 4 below for more information.