6. Who to get help from

Lead Member

Your Lead Member directly manages the CO and makes sure it gets the advice and resources it needs. The LM emergency unit coordinates with the line manager and other Lead Member units (media, HR, fundraising, procurement, finance, etc.) to help with:

Note: The RMU, through the regional director, is the line manager for CARE USA countries. The RMU also provides support (but not line management) in other countries if asked.

CARE Humanitarian Affairs

CARE Humanitarian Affairs (led by the CI Global Humanitarian Director with support of the REC and Head of Emergency Operations ) works closely with the Lead Member and coordinates emergency support. CARE Humanitarian Affairs also:

  • organises and chairs the CCA Meeting
  • receives, comments and approves CI HSF requests
  • advises on
    • managing the response
    • using the emergency management protocols
    • policies, guidelines and tools
    • HR
    • logistics
    • training and capacity needs
    • quality and accountability standards
    • learning and evaluation.
  • manages the Emergency Roster (including the RRT) and together with the lead member provides experienced staff to help manage the response
  • coordinates with CARE International Members in
    • raising resources (e.g. fundraising)
    • sharing all key information (sitreps, updates, funding matrix, staffing matrix)
    • advocacy positions and support
    • working with the media
    • working with other agencies
    • handling requests from CIMs to reduce pressure on CO.

Other CARE members

Other CARE members help with:

  • fundraising through donors (governments) and the public (appeals, joint appeals, etc.)
  • proposal development
  • technical advice
  • advocacy within their country
  • emergency staff.

Technical specialists:

  • help with assessments, strategy and programme design
  • ensure programme interventions meet technical standards
  • provide technical tools and resources
  • find other technical experts who can help

If you need technical specialists to join your team on the ground, ask the CI Regional Humanitarian Director to find  a specialist from the CI RED to help you.
If you don’t know who to ask, please contact CARE Humanitarian Affairs.