3.3 Ways to find money

Not everything needs money, or much money. If you manage a team in one location, and you have a room where everyone fits, then you can train them with basically no cost.

Sometimes you need to do something more complex, and that costs. Project funding will normally not directly cover the cost of running a course for CARE staff. But you need to train staff. Normally, you can budget a proportion of staff costs for training/staff development. This could be used for organizing a specific course, or for sending staff members on external training courses. If you haven’t budgeted for this, you have not budgeted for the full cost of a staff member or volunteer. Training is part of having someone work with you and a vital investment in the future.

If you do not have a budget for a specific event or initiative, it may be possible to share costs between departments or between agencies. You might charge a participation fee that corresponds to each participant’s share of the costs. Or you may ask each participant’s team to pay their travel, accommodation and meeting costs. That way you spread the cost over several budgets. It is much more likely that you can find money that way.