6.15 Security

The value of the products in the warehouse is significant and the insurance system is usually not functional in areas where CARE is operating. Below is some advice for the logistician to reduce the risk caused by five common threats:

  • Internal pilfering-this threat can be limited by using clear procedures, documentation and undertaking responsibility for the warehouse.
  • Robbery-a team of guards or a private company guard has a dissuasive effect; the number of people involved depends on the value of the stock. Reinforcing passive protection means strengthening the warehouse with high walls, barbed wire, metal gates and doors, efficient lighting, strong padlock, grids on the windows and ventilation openings.
  • Looting by armed groups-prevention is possible by reducing the quantities in stock and by choosing a warehouse located in a non-exposed area. It may lead to a ‘zero stock’ policy in certain operating zones.
  • Fire-prevention is essential. Smoking is forbidden inside a warehouse. Sensitive items (fuel, oils and chlorate) are kept in separate divisions. Fire extinguishers and sand must be available. Staff must be trained and tasks allocated in case of fire.
  • Natural disaster-the choice of the location and the resistance of the building itself may protect the stock; this applies in particular to flooding or typhoons.

See also Safety and security.