5.8 Ensure controls at the time of packing and arrival

Before sending the supplies:

  • the sender has to make sure the packaging is strong enough for transportation and handling
  • the sender and carrier (or representatives) have to be present during the loading
  • for contracted transport, the sender has to carefully verify the identification of the carrier and registration of the vehicle
  • the sender has to prepare all necessary documentation before the loading
  • all this information has to be mentioned on the delivery note.

When receiving a consignment:

  • check the documentation (delivery note, external order form or purchase order)
  • check the quantity and quality (damaged goods, strange smell or aspect, torn parcels, etc.)
  • notify the transporter of any discrepancy
  • send appropriate receiving documents to the sender
  • ensure proper records are kept of all transport operations
  • keep clear and well-documented files on all ongoing transport operations and archives.