6.4 Receiving goods and delivery inspection

The storekeeper must be informed in advance by the logistician about deliveries, to be ready for storage (with sufficient clean space) and to recruit loaders if necessary. The storekeeper must know:

  • the quantity of items (volume/weight/packaging)
  • the delivery date
  • the supplier/organisation name for external deliveries.

The storekeeper must inspect the delivery on arrival. If the inspection indicates poor quality, the storekeeper must refuse the delivery; it is easier to request the exchange of products at this stage. The delivery inspection involves the storekeeper:

  • checking the quantity that is delivered matches the quantity mentioned on the delivery note; count and/or weigh the items when needed
  • performing an administrative check-general documentation, consistency between the batch numbers, conformity certificates (or composition) and delivery notes
  • refusing goods of an obviously poor quality-torn bundles, leaking drums, signs of insects, rusty tins, bad smells, wet goods
  • repairing any weakened packages before storage
  • writing the date of entry of stock on all the bags/final packaging if that perishable item has no date on the package.