12.1.1 Note on ration cards

Ration cards usually have a series of numbers, starting from 1, printed either around the edge of the card or in a designated space. Each number corresponds to a specific distribution date, and the number is punched or marked to indicate that the card was processed during that distribution. When all the numbers have been punched, a new card is issued. Where online platform like LMMS and SCOPE are in use, the digital identification cards are used.

If ration cards are not available, consider issuing sequentially pre-numbered slips to the recipients.

  • The numbers should be controlled by the Programme Manager and correspond to numbers printed on tally and receipt sheets.
  • Distributions are only made to those presenting such numbered slips.
  • The slips are collected from each recipient when he or she receives their ration.

All collected slips are returned to the Programme Manager.