8.10 Vehicle accident reporting

CARE employees are expected to report all vehicle accidents-minor and major-to the CO within 24 hours of occurrence. This should be followed by a complete report in the Vehicle Accident Report Form (Annex 18.54). The CO, in turn, should inform the relevant insurance coordinator if any damage or loss may be covered by insurance, or if an event may result in liability damages against CARE.

Procedures to be followed in case of an emergency are:

  • Leave the vehicle in the position where the incident occurred. Do not attempt to move the vehicle.
  • Do not admit or discuss liability for an accident with other involved parties.
  • Exchange insurance, registration information, names and addresses of involved parties.
  • Call the local police, help any injured person and seek medical advice if necessary.
  • Call the nearest CARE office, report the incident and request assistance.
  • Await the arrival of the police or, if in an isolated area, seek them out. Provide them with all relevant information about the accident.
  • If the vehicle is immobilised, secure it as best as possible.
  • Obtain a copy of the official police report.
  • Prepare a detailed report in the Vehicle Accident Report Form.
  • Take photographs of the damaged vehicle and the accident site.

The appropriate insurance coordinator in CARE will determine if a claim will be filed. Insurance reports will require:

  • a description of events that cause loss or possible liability damages
  • a description of damages incurred by CARE property or the property of others
  • the names, sex and age of each person who suffered any personal injuries
  • supporting documentation (police report, photographs).