13. Performance management


  • Ensure managers understand their performance management responsibilities and take action to remedy poor performance.
  • All managers are to complete a performance evaluation form at the end of the assignment for all emergency staff, which should be placed on personnel files and sent to the Deploying Member for international staff.

Performance management is a continuous cycle of performance planning, feedback, coaching and performance review. To manage the performance of staff, line managers must:

  • provide leadership, and demonstrate good management practice and behaviour at all times
  • clarify duties and performance expectations, and monitor progress against these
  • provide encouragement and support to staff and monitor staff morale given the intensity of an emergency response operation
  • take appropriate, positive and timely action where performance does not meet the agreed outcomes and standards

complete a performance evaluation upon completion of the staff member’s assignment to the emergency.

The nature of an emergency will require a faster response to poor performance management issues. Where poor performance may arise, the line manager should consult with the CO Human Resources Manager to seek advice on next steps that can be taken.

Where a CO is already established and has HR systems in place, a disciplinary process applicable to national staff is most likely already documented. Where a disciplinary process may have to be formulated for the first time, legal advice must be sought, as disciplinary action is often heavily regulated by local labour laws. An example of disciplinary procedures can be found in Annex 21.42 National staff policy manual/disciplinary procedures. Samples of supporting correspondence can be found in Annex 21.43 Disciplinary procedures/sample correspondence.

Where no improvement is shown and disciplinary action is anticipated, the CO Human Resources Manager (or line manager) must consult with the contracting member Human Resources Unit to determine available options for action.

Line managers must complete an evaluation form at the end of the staff member’s assignment. Refer to Annex 21.44 Emergency personnel evaluation form.

The CO Human Resources Manager must monitor the completion of this form by the line manager and maintain the original copy of the evaluation form on the employee’s personnel file. Once a staff member is confirmed as an ongoing employee, the performance management process should revert to regular performance practice for national staff already established in the CO.

The CO Human Resources Manager must monitor the completion of this process and forward (in strict confidence) the completed form to the Deploying Member to place on their personnel file. A copy of the evaluation form should also be sent to the CI Surge Capacity Coordinator and the respective CI HR department. This evaluation provides information on whether the staff member may be suitable for future deployments.