7. Handling enquiries

During an emergency, the large number of requests for information and clarifications can quickly overwhelm senior staff. A staff member, usually the IMO, should be nominated to handle all enquiries. When in place, apply the following:


  • Inform CEG and all CARE international Members of the name, email and phone number of the Information Management Officer and communications Officer.
  • Advise that the Information Management Officer is the first point of contact for all information enquiries and the Communication focal point for all media/communications inquiries.
  • The Information Management Officer should respond directly to the requests that can be answered with the information available.
  • Refer any sensitive requests to the Emergency Coordinator or Country Director.
  • The Emergency Coordinator or Country Director should be copied on significant responses.
  • If the Information Management Officer does not have enough information to answer a request, contact the most appropriate Emergency Response Team member or other source to seek out the information.