8. Information support for media and fundraising work

If the CO has a press officer on the ground, the press officer will prepare releases, human interest stories and photos for CARE International Members to use in media, communication and fundraising work. Where there is no press officer, the IMO should collate useful information for media work and send to the CI Media and Communications Coordinator (emergencycommunications@careinternational.org), who will then share with COMWG as appropriate. The CI Media and Communications Coordinator, and COMWG, can then use this information to create press releases and other communication materials. The information below is also urgently required by fundraising units to help with appeals and other fundraising activities. See also Chapter 13 Media. This information should be incorporated into the CO information management system so that all users can easily access it  when dealing with external stakeholders or preparing for media interviews.


The type of information that is helpful includes:

  • Statistics on the disaster
  • Statistics on CARE’s response to the disaster
  • Human interest stories and personal accounts of people affected by the disaster and of CARE beneficiaries
  • Personal stories and anecdotes from CARE workers
  • Photos of the disaster
  • Photos of beneficiaries
  • Photos of CARE workers in action
  • ‘Dollar handles’ or specific examples of how much emergency aid costs per individual helped—for example, $10 buys plastic sheeting for a family shelter and enough rice to last for a week.