4. WHO we work with

CARE takes an intersectional approach to addressing GBV in Emergencies to ensure we serve the most vulnerable in each context in which we work. We seek to see and understand diverse groups of women and girls based on their context and design programs based on understanding of the unique needs of these groups.

We work in close partnership with crisis-affected women and girls and their organizations, networks, women-led and women’s rights organizations, and other organizations promoting gender equality to ensure CARE’s efforts are guided by local women and girls’ voices and priorities. We aim to strengthen their capacity to lead GBV response and prevention activities. We also partner with those delivering services, whether government institutions, CSOs, NGOs, UN agencies, private sector organizations, to ensure services meet the needs of women and girls.

CARE coordinates with other humanitarian actors through the UN Humanitarian Cluster systems. CARE participates in the GBV Area of Responsibility (AoR) within the Global Protection Cluster at global, regional & country levels. CARE sits in the global GBV Guidelines Reference Group, in the global GBV AoR and hosts the Global Inter-agency GBV Guidelines Coordinator.