3.1 Introduction

This section provides the minimum requirements for the financial structure to be deployed in an emergency operation. The primary assumption is that this recommended core structure will expand/contract in size, and in providing services to ensure that it accommodates:

  • growth in the programme portfolio
  • complexity of donor reporting and accounting requirements
  • an increase or decrease in demands from internal and external customers.

It is the responsibility of the CO leadership team and CARE International Members to ensure that the financial structure is adequate and responsive to customer demands, and that it complies with applicable internal controls. This is achieved by hiring competent staff-preferably with solid CARE experience-with the proper training, and by helping staff members to fully understand their roles and the importance of those roles.

Team leaders and financial staff members should also embrace cross-training to ensure that there are always back-up persons available when someone is out. Encouraging feedback on how things could be done differently will allow people, working together on a daily basis, to come up with ideas to streamline and improve operations. Keep an open mind but always be mindful of why controls were put in place, and determine if the changes being recommended will provide the protections for which the controls were initially designed.