8.1 Vehicle procurement and inventory

The Administration unit should determine the specifications of vehicles that are required, in consultation with the Team Leader and other emergency team members, and coordinate their purchase with the procurement unit. Some CARE Members can assist with international procurement of vehicles.

Consider whether two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is required, based on driving and road conditions, and ensure that appropriate spare parts and accessories are included for the conditions (for example, winch, rescue equipment, spare parts for arduous conditions).

As far as possible, COs should standardise their vehicle fleet. This ensures greatest cost effectiveness and efficiency with the management of repairs and spare parts.

Vehicles should have CARE stickers applied. The exact visibility strategy should be based on advice from the Safety and Security Officer, and be appropriate to the context.

A vehicle inventory must be maintained for all existing and new purchases in CARE’s fleet. Separate vehicle inventory lists should be maintained for sedans, four-wheel drive vehicles, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. See Annex 18.34 for a sample form.