10.2 Registration documents

To facilitate its formal registration, the following notarised and legalised documents will be essential (requirements may vary from country to country):

  • CARE’s Charter or Articles of Association
  • CARE’s Certificate of Registration
  • Board of Director’s Resolution on:
    • authorising the President and Senior Vice-President of CARE to execute country agreements and take other appropriate action on behalf of CARE
    • establishing a representative/branch office of CARE in the country
    • approving the bylaws of the representative/branch office
    • appointing the head of the representative/branch office
    • issuing a power of attorney to the head of the representative/branch office explicitly stating powers delegated to them for the purpose of registration
  • Bylaws of the representative/branch office
  • Power of attorney issued to the head of the branch, signed by the authorised officer of CARE HQ
  • Certificate from the local authority certifying the representative office’s official address.