Glossary & Acronyms

ALNAP            Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action

ARI                   Acute Respiratory Infections

CAP                  Consolidated Appeals Process

CCG                 Crisis Coordination Group

CD                    Country Director

CEG                 CARE Emergency Group

CERF                Central Emergency Response Fund (UN)

CET                  CARE Emergency Toolkit

CI                      CARE International

CIGN                CARE International Gender Network

CI RED             CARE International Roster for Emergency Deployment

CHS                  Core Humanitarian Standard

CMR                 Crude Mortality Rate

CO                   Country Office

COMWG           Communications Working Group

DRR                 Disaster Risk Reduction

EO                    CARE International Emergency Officer

EPP                  Emergency Preparedness Plan(ning)

ERF                  Emergency Response Fund

ERT                  Emergency Response Team

ERAC               Emergency Response Advisory Committee

ERWG             Emergency Response Working Group

EXCOM            Executive Committee of CARE International

FAO                  Food and Agriculture Organization

FFW                 Food for Work

GAP                 Gender Action Plan

GBV                 Gender-based Violence

HAF                  Humanitarian Accountability Framework

HEO                 CARE International Head of Emergency Operations

HD                   Humanitarian Director

HR                    Human Resources

IASC                 Inter-agency Standing Committee

ICR                   Indirect Cost Recovery

IDP                   Internally Displaced Person

IFRC                 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

INEE                 Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies

IOM                  International Organization for Migration

IYCF-E             Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies

LM                    Lead Member

LNGO               Local Non-governmental Organization

M&E                 Monitoring and Evaluation

MCC                 Media and Communications Coordinator

MCH                Maternal and Child Health

MISP               Minimum Initial Service Package

MUAC             Mid–upper Arm Circumference

NFI                   Non-food item

NGO                 Non-governmental Organization

OHCHR             Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

PLWHA             People living with HIV/AIDS

PSEA               Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

PSO                 Vereniging voor Personele Samenwerking met Ontwikkelingslanden (Netherlands)

R&R                  Rest and Recuperation

RAR                 Rapid Accountability Review

RCRC               Red Cross and Red Crescent

REC                  Regional Emergency Coordinator

RED                 Record of Emergency Data

RH                    Reproductive Health

RMU                 Regional Management Unit

RTE                  Real-time Evaluation

SADD               Sex and Age Disaggregated Data

SAG                 Strategic Advisory Group

SEA                 Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

SGBV               Sexual and Gender-based Violence

SRH                 Sexual and Reproductive Health

sitrep                Situation report

SSCG               Safety & Security Coordination Group

SSFP                Safety and Security Focal Point

SSIMS             Safety and Security Incident Monitoring System

SSO                 Safety and Security Officer

STI                   Sexually Transmitted Infections

Telecoms          Telecommunications

TWIG                Technical Working Group

UNDP               United Nations Development Programme

UNHCR             United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF            United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

UNOCHA           United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

WASH               Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

WFP                 World Food Programme

WHO                 World Health Organization