4.3 Requisition and issue of materials or equipment from inventory

Administration is responsible for issuing equipment and supplies to users in the CO, and ensuring that correct procedures are followed to ensure adequate control and accountability, and efficient stock replenishment. The following guidelines can assist:

  • Establish authorisation for requisition based on the type of item, and the staff member’s responsibilities and position.
  • Issue stored items from stock only with an authorised requisition/issue form.
  • The issue of expendable items of low or moderate unit cost requires only a simple pre-numbered requisition/issue form (Annex 18.9).
  • Each unit or project should maintain its own register for office supplies and prepare a monthly Office Supplies Consumption and Status Report for replenishment (Annex 18.13).
  • To issue expendable items of high unit cost, a more detailed issue form is required. See Annex 18.14.
  • The person requesting spare parts should return the part being replaced to the storekeeper. Record the serial numbers of spare parts being issued to match when returned.
  • All requisition forms supporting issues from the store should be maintained by the storekeeper to support the entries made on the bin card and in the stock inventory ledger.
  • Those expendable items that are issued for use outside the storage or working area should be released through a waybill/gate pass. See sample in Annex 18.15, and Chapter 15 logistics.
  • Only authorised signatories should recommend a requisition form or a waybill/gate pass. The Administration unit must maintain an up-to-date list of authorised signatories on file. See sample in Annex 18.16.