1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for procurement


Budget holder

Key responsibilities

Approves purchases. Budgets will need to be in place and approved before transactions can occur.

Procurement Manager Provide oversight to emergency procurement activities, including ensuring that preparedness measures are implemented.
Procurement Officer Provide acquisition support for the procurement goods/services required.
Finance Ensure adequate cash flow for procurement needs and timely payment to vendors (to avoid disruptions in supply).
Logistics Coordinate with the procurement unit on logistics requirements including transport needs, receipt and dispatch of goods.
Programme team Provide detailed specifications and any applicable donor restrictions/regulations on all materials to be procured.
Human resources Ensure that adequate staff is recruited.
Security Provide recommendations for security telecommunications equipment.
Country Director/Senior Management Team Approve and responsible for emergency purchases and any changes in the policies relating to procurement and finance for the period of the emergency.
Lead Member procurement unit Advise on procurement policies and provide appropriate support for international procurement activities.
CEG Senior Logistics Advisor Advise on CARE International pre-supply arrangements and provide technical advice on emergency procurement.
CARE USA EHAT Senior Logistics Advisor Advise on CARE USA-managed logistics and procurement partnerships, and technical advice on emergency procurement.