1.2 Role of Telecoms and IT Support Manager in the emergency team

The role of a Telecoms and IT Support Manager in an emergency team is to ensure that the emergency team has adequate and effective means of communication at all times. This includes guaranteeing available and functioning hardware as well as providing training and advice in its use.

During assessments and initial responses, the Telecoms and IT Support Manager(s) will often be one person. After there is enough time to bring in or employ new staff members, the telecommunications and IT roles will be divided. During an assessment, the Telecoms and IT Support Manager is responsible for setting up all forms of communications for the teams. This includes satellite and mobile phones, radio systems and internet using both local internet service providers (ISPs) and portable satellite systems. It is important that all members of an emergency assessment and response are able to contact each other. The Telecoms and IT Support Manager will be responsible for ensuring all phone numbers and radio channel/call signs are distributed to all staff members. After the assessment, the telecoms and IT staff will be responsible for ongoing improvements, maintenance and training.

See Annex 20.1 Telecommunications Officer job description, and Annex 20.2 IT Officer job description.