2.4 How long does it take to plan and organize training?

The total timeline varies depending on how complicated the training will be.

If you’re bringing a group from different places together it will take some time to organize that. If everyone is in the same location and you are able to delay or reorganize work, then you could even do it tomorrow.

Multi-day events will often need an outside venue, some snacks, some training materials. That all takes time – anything from a week or two up.

Don’t be discouraged by that! You can gain a lot from really simple changes in skills and behaviour. How much work would your finance team save if all the purchase approvals were correctly coded? A training session for managers on proper coding would be pretty quick to develop, you can deliver it in an office, and take up maybe an afternoon of their time – and save days and days of work each month for the finance team, allowing them to focus on other things.