8. When & where to get specialist help

Always ask for help. The shelter team based at CARE UK is there to support County Offices. It can call on its roster of experts for specialist advice if there is a need.

Specialist assistance may be required in an advisory short-term role, or for longer duration especially in a response to a major disaster. Specialist assistance and the knowledge of previous shelter programmes is invaluable when the strategy is being developed, and to help predict and manage risks. Further specialist staff is usually required for implementation. Properly and appropriately qualified engineers are always required for the construction and management of all public buildings. National knowledge is essential for compliance with local codes and regulations.

The focal point for the shelter sector in CARE is the Shelter Team Leader. Country Offices should contact the UK-based shelter team for advice and revision before submitting funding proposals, and to access support and lessons learned from CARE’s previous shelter programmes. The shelter team can offer technical advice on assessing shelter needs and resources, integrating the shelter strategy with other sectors, identifying and budgeting for appropriate staff, and ensuring that good opportunities in shelter response are not missed. Anticipated support, deployments and evaluations should be included in all budgets.