5. Aligning proposals with the programme strategy

Proposals must be aligned with CARE’s emergency response programme strategy. For guidelines on programme strategy, see the Chapter on Programme Strategy . CARE’s strategy should set programme objectives, key interventions and overall fundraising targets. See Annex 8.3 Initial Appeal and Strategy Document.

In the early stages of an emergency, funding is unfortunately often accepted for activities that may be inappropriate or of a low priority if a clear strategy is not in place, or if there has not been a deliberate alignment of proposals with that strategy. This can lead to implementation problems or simply inefficient use of funding. It can also lead to under- or over-funding of a response if proposals are not tracked against the overall fundraising targets (see also the Chapter on Funds mobilisation).

To ensure proposals are aligned with the programme strategy:

  • share the initial appeal and strategy document with CARE Members as soon as possible
  • the ACD programme should clearly outline the funding priorities based on the strategy
  • the Proposal Writer should match funding priorities identified in the strategy with the available funding opportunities. See Annex 8.4 Potential Funding Targeting Matrix
  • proposals for activities that are not included in the strategy should not be submitted by the CO or CARE International Members unless specifically agreed with the ACD programme or Country Director/Team Leader
  • progress against fundraising targets should be tracked by key activities, to ensure that proposal development supports the fundraising development process and particular activities are not over- or under-funded (see Annex 8.5 Funding Matrix).