4. How to set up and operate a Feedback and Complaints Mechanism?

Experience shows that feedback and complaints mechanisms can have enormous benefits for both communities and for CARE staff.  On the other hand, setting up a mechanism that does not function well (for example if complaints are not followed up) may contribute to frustration and worsening relationships with communities and local stakeholders thus can potentially be harmful.

CARE divides the process of setting up and operating a feedback and complaint mechanism (FCM) into three main stages with specific steps in each stage:

PLAN                     ACT                    IMPROVE

Step 1: COMMIT                              Step 4: DESIGN                               Step 7: RESPOND

Step 2: UNDERSTAND                    Step 5: PROCESS                           Step 8: ADAPT

Step 3: CONSULT                            Step 6: MAKE SENSE                    Step 9: LEARN

These steps do not represent a linear progression but instead each step reinforces the others in a circular fashion. Frequently these steps will be conducted in parallel or previous steps will be revisited with the new understanding gained from the other steps.

See full FCM Guidance for further details about each of those steps.

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