7. Ongoing contract administration during implementation and monitoring


  • Monitor contract compliance and manage the required changes.
  • Ensure that sub-contracts meet CARE International Member requirements.
  • Regularly monitor the central Donor Contract Management Information Matrix.
  • Ensure that narrative and financial reports are prepared, reviewed and submitted on time to the CARE International Member and donor.

There is a need to monitor contract compliance throughout the duration of the project. Due to rapidly changing circumstances in an emergency context, there can also be a need to change the project design (e.g. project objective or outputs, and the associated budget line items). It is important to seek, track and document the required approvals for any changes.

  • Be aware of what flexibility the donor and/or CARE International Member allows for variations in the project proposal without prior approval.
  • Be aware of the process and time frame to seek donor and/or CARE International Member approval for changes. Note such conditions in the IPIA or highlight them in your copy of the donor contract.
  • Keep the CARE International Member and donor informed of significant changes in the situation or problems encountered as they arise (in addition to the stated reporting schedule). This should include:
    • core project activities or outputs that are no longer appropriate
    • delays in the rate of implementation
    • budget reallocations.
  • Report any allegation of fraud or losses to the CARE International Member/donor consistent with the guidelines. Refer to Annex 10.6 Sample fraud report, for an example of a fraud reporting format.
  • Periodically check that programme/project and finance staff are aware of what costs can be charged where within the project budget, according to the project Chart of accounts.
  • Be aware of CARE International Member and donor guidelines regarding no-cost extensions, including whether a no-cost extension is an option and if so, what the timing and process is to request and approve a no-cost extension.
  • Maintain a clear understanding between the CO and the CARE International Member about how donor liaison is managed, including who (the CO or CARE International Member) communicates to the donor about what, when and at what level (headquarters or field).
  • Document and file (hardcopy and softcopy) any requested and approved changes to the:
    • donor contract
    • project proposal (narrative and/or budget)
    • IPIA
    • Chart of accounts.
  • For detailed guidelines on sub-granting, refer to Chapter 12 Partnership and sub-granting.
  • Ensure that sub-contracts/sub-agreements with external partners meet the relevant CARE International Member requirements (including templates and processes).
  • For any sub-grant, sub-contract or vendor relationships, ensure that effective monitoring is conducted, including performance of key deliverables and compliance with donor regulations. Monitoring activities should include desk monitoring-comprising the review of periodic narrative and financial reports, as well as site visits.
  • Regularly monitor (at least weekly) the central Project Funding/ Donor Contract Management Information Matrix (refer to Annex 10.3 Project Pipeline/Contract Management Information Matrix) and advise the relevant programme and finance staff of upcoming reporting requirements well in advance of the due dates.
  • Ensure that narrative and financial reports are prepared and reviewed in conjunction with each other and cross-checked for consistency before submitting to the CARE International Member and donor.