1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for administration

Position Key responsibilities
Administration manager
  • Manage overall administration unit and staff in close coordination with procurement, logistics and HR managers
  • Ensure effective administrative support to emergency teams including travel, logistics, office and equipment emergency staff.
  • Manage office, accommodation and supply requirements.
  • Ensure appropriate levels of controls and accountability are in place for use of property and supplies, including vehicles and fuel.
  • Assist in government liaison including registration.
  • Orient the new staff on CARE policies and procedures related to Administration functions.
Compound management
  • Manage the compound and staff including maintenance of amenities and supplies (such as food, water, fuel, etc.)
General administration
  • Receive, record, dispatch and distribute mail
  • Ensure requisition of adequate amounts of office stationery and supplies.
  • Carry out other administrative duties relating to stock and filing.
Inventory and property maintenance
  • Assist in office building identification and staff residences.
  • Prepare lease agreements and maintain a copy in the file.
  • Responsible for property maintenance including repairs.
  • Maintain required property registers and inventories.
Travel and liaison
  • Coordinate all travel arrangements for national and international staff including movement tracking, transport, ticketing, pick-up and drop-offs, safety and security, and lodging arrangements.
  • Undertake visa processing for incoming staff.
Office cleaning and maintenance
  • Ensure offices and lodgings are cleaned, facilities are  stocked with essential hygiene supplies, and waste disposed of appropriately.
Vehicle management and maintenance
  • Develop effective management systems for vehicle usage, vehicle log books, fuel, maintenance and charging of all transport.
  • Ensure compliance with vehicle safety and security policies.
  • Prepare lease agreement for rental vehicles and ensure payments are done on timely basis.
Emergency Team Leader/ACD Programme Support
  • Coordinate and maintain effective relations with government.
  • Through effective supervision of the Administration Manager, ensure that all administrative support activities are implemented speedily and in compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Orient the new arrived international staff on CARE policies and procedures related to Administration functions.
Lead Member
  • Provide guidance on Lead Member policies in relation to administration including property and inventory management, filing, insurance, and vehicle management.
  • Support the registration process by providing necessary documentation.