16.5 Distribution site storage monitoring

The purpose of distribution site storage monitoring is to assess the adequacy of on-site storage and inventory management. Distribution monitors must be able to trace all transactions of inventory movement from primary and secondary warehouses to the recipients; and validate documented information on distributions, inventory management and accounting.

Distribution site storage monitoring may be conducted concurrently with distribution process monitoring or it may be conducted as a separate activity when no distributions are taking place.

The frequency of distribution site storage monitoring depends on the Country Office distribution monitoring system design.

Specific activities include the following. For further details see Annex 19.19 Distribution site storage monitoring report format.

Review recent Distribution Site Reports (prepared by site storage staff), information on inventory dispatches and previous Distribution Process Monitoring Reports. Where possible, copies of previous reports should be taken along on monitoring visits.

  • Inspect storage structure, storage area and stacking of inventory.
  • Compare quantities on waybills to those on authorised distribution plans and dispatch authorisations.
  • Reconcile offloading tally sheet(s) with corresponding waybill(s).
  • Reconcile waybills with inventory ledgers showing receipts and (if applicable) issues.
  • Conduct a physical inventory count of all stock in the store and reconcile with the current balance shown in the inventory ledgers. Obtain the signature of the person responsible for the store indicating agreement with the physical inventory.
  • Examine Loss and Adjustment Reports, and documents confirming destruction for all inventory removed from inventory as stolen or unfit for human consumption (as applicable). If any of the documents are considered to be suspect, contact the issuing authorities for verification.
  • Compare quantities of inventory issued for distribution on a given day with quantities listed as distributed on the receipts sheet. If less was distributed, store records should show the amount returned to the store or a possible loss should be recorded. Note any discrepancies.
  • Examine files for completeness and orderliness.
  • Draft a thorough written report (see Annex 19.19 Distribution site storage monitoring report format).