12.5 R&R entitlements for international staff

The R&R entitlements for qualifying international staff may include:

  • a number of days leave based on the demands of the emergency operation and living environment
  • a leave period that also allocates travel time to reach the designated R&R location
  • an R&R location that fully removes the staff members from the emergency location
  • securing the safety and security of emergency staff at all times.

For international staff, an R&R policy may include a lump sum payment to cover travel expenses, and a per diem rate to cover food and accommodation costs. The amount of per diem provided during R&R may need to be different from the standard per diem rate usually provided within the country. If the place of R&R is a location covered by another CO, the per diem rates used by that CO may be used. If it is a location not known to any CO, the sending CO will need to use the guidelines in Annex 21.36 Per diem and travel policy guidelines, to determine the appropriate per diem rates for R&R. These payments must be approved by the Country Director (or delegate) and are administered by the CO Finance Manager.

It is crucial that international staff members are covered by adequate insurance provisions during the period of travel to the R&R location. The CO must advise National Members of the R&R destination and dates of travel. National Members must consult with insurance providers to ensure full cover is provided for international staff.

The R&R policy must be reviewed regularly, and can be adjusted or discontinued if conditions improve and the stress factors subside.

Annex 21.39      R&R policy template/national staff
Annex 21.40      R&R policy template/international staff