5.4 Distribute cash and vouchers

General distribution principles (reference/link to place in Emergency Toolkit)should be applied to cash and voucher distribution. A key part of distribution success is outlining roles and responsibilities and ensuring that all parties involved understand their duties, which will vary depending on the payment agent chosen.

  • Ensure that all parties (CARE staff, partners, payment agents) know their roles and responsibilities;
  • Role-playing can help all teams understand what is expected from them;
  • Training is a good opportunity to introduce humanitarian principles and CARE code of conduct to non-CARE staff.

Distributions where CARE gives cash directly to beneficiaries usually require many team members, including daily workers. Technical skills for those daily workers may be reasonably low: knowledge of local authorities and communities, the ability to manage a crowd, common sense, patience, and ability to read and write.

Designate a distribution team leader to oversee each distribution and ensure you have a security focal point. This team leader will be the only one moving among the different desks during distribution, while other team members will remain static. Ensure that a complaint desk is set near (but not in) the distribution site. Key principles of voucher distribution include: