CVA Modality

Operating Standards 

Safe, accessible and effective mechanism(s) are identified to deliver CVA, based on situation analysis and size of the cash program to be delivered

Key Actions

  1. Identify the most appropriate modality or combination of modalities as part of a cash plus approach or complementary programing approach.
  2. Select the delivery mechanism(s) and Financial Service Providers (FSP) for the programme based on the following dimensions: Infrastructure/geographic services; cash/monetary considerations; system reporting & data protection; reliability, flexibility and scale; time and speed; beneficiary interface, protection, and acceptance (equal access) ; risk; organisational alignment/ease of implementation; cost-effectiveness; resilience, financial inclusion, and secondary impacts. Also take into consideration the fact that delivery mechanisms for CVA are responsive to the unique needs of vulnerable and marginalized subgroups of the target populations.
  3. Design targeted strategies for outreach and awareness-raising on CVA responsive to the unique needs of various gender groups. Design option for hard to reach populations and those gender groups with special needs