Market Assessment

Operational Standards

Market functionality and access is assessed. 

Key Actions

  1. Identify how market analysis will inform your programme and define your objectives and key assessment questions accordingly (e.g. is the market functionality conducive to the use of CVA, does the market need support to allow for the use of CVA and if so which one?)
    Do not limit the use of market data to assess CVA feasibility but consider the whole market based programming spectrum.

  2. Select important market systems based on the priority needs and market avaibility in the targeted areas
  3. Define the analytical and geographic scope of the assessment
  4. Collect secondary and then primary market data disaggregated by gender, age, and disability
  5. Produce visual representation of the supply chain and/or market systems (e.g. geographic maps and/or market system maps)
  6. Disseminate findings with stakeholders