2.1.1 First Phase: Do No Harm basic

Recommended Actions Minimum Questions
Rapidly assess conflict in operating area •       What are the tensions and who are they between?

•       Why are there tensions?

•       Where precisely in relation to CARE’s work, and

•       What triggers the violence?

Check partner for conflict risk •       Have we assessed our partners as being neutral or aligned in the conflict?
Ensure partner has signed and understands code of conduct? •       Are they aware of its content and meaning, and how NGO behaviour can fuel conflict?

•       Are all staff and partners aware of how to safely and confidentially raise concerns about CARE’s programming internally?

Check preliminary beneficiary criteria for conflict risk •       Will helping our beneficiaries fuel the tensions identified?

•       Will it expose women/girls to additional risk?

Brainstorm how CARE’s programme can contribute to cohesion in operating area •       Can we achieve our goal and also strengthen links between the people that the crisis is dividing right now?