Operational Standards 

Targeting criteria are based on programme objectives, and CVA-specific considerations have been included

Key actions

  1. Determine, on input from women and men, if CVA will be given to individuals, households or groups and who within the household should receive CVA, informed by the risk assessment . Establish a process for selecting/nominating the recipient following the gender analysis and protection assessments. Do not automatically assign the man “head of household”; instead, base the decision on the outcome of the gender and protection assessment, ensuring reduced risk of harm.
  2. Review your targeting and eligibility criteria against protection-related concerns, especially if your programme intends that children will directly receive (and collect) CVA. Also consider gender or inclusion sensitivity.
  3. Select and validate targeting criteria for different groups of men and women. Ensure validation of recipients is done in a public and transparent manner, including all groups and, if relevant, with local authorities,
    For SRHR programming : Consider validate targeting criteria with specific sub-groups (e.g. women of reproductive age, adolescents).