2.3 Acting upon the understanding

Key to a conflict sensitive and accountable approach is strong communications, feedback and flexibility. Where tensions are identified it is incumbent on CARE to act swiftly and make clear the changes that are being made. Key processes for action include:

  • Establish responsibility for monitoring the context, considering feedback from beneficiaries and those not-targeted by the project, and reviewing programming. Positions could include the M&E advisor, the accountability lead, the security coordinator, and protection advisors.
  • Establish a group to work together regularly to review the context and consider options and opportunities for adapting programming to the context.
  • Ensure a decision maker is appointed to drive through changes
  • Expect, acknowledge and reward flexibility and change
  • Document the changes for the purpose of accountability and learning

After six months or a relevant period the programme portfolio should be reviewed to check whether:

o    the key steps were followed,

o    whether processes were established and

o    What changes were made in light of shifts in the context.