Assessment and Selection of Financial Service Providers

Operational Standards 

FSP options for delivering CVA are mapped, alongside the infrastructural and regulatory environment

Key Actions

  1. Identify existing service providers (e-voucher providers, FSP and traders) considering local, national and global service providers options (including traders and mechanisms used to deliver social safety nets)
  2. Scope out the infrastructure environment in the operating context to understand what means are currently used to transfer cash
  3. Identify the regulatory considerations in the operating context to understand the effect on how beneficiaries can access cash (by consulting other humanitarian actors/ cash-working groups/ governement representatives)
  4. Document the characteristics of potential CVAs: size; frequency of transfer; required speed of delivery; scale-up; population type, gender, age and implication for ID; population location (rural/urban); likely level of contextual risk; organisational risk
  5. Account for women and men financial literacy, technology familiarity, access, control, safety and preferences