Communication and accountability

Operational Standards 

CVA-specific considerations are included in communication and accountability approaches

Key actions

  1. Identify CVA-specific risks and opportunities for accountability to affected populations (AAP) 
  2. Set up accessible and functional accountability and feedback mechanisms that include CVA-specific considerations and that cut across modalities. Explore and develop opportunities for feedback and further engagement with participants throughout implementation
  3. Sensitize and create awareness of CARE CVA processes and resources and avaibility of SRHR services with all genders and their sub-groups among recipient communities
  4. When your programme includes intended gender outcomes, engage males in promoting gender equality
  5. Co-create with targeted communities, and local authorities when relevant, communication and engagement plans that promote gender equity and mitigate gender protection risks (including appropriate mechanisms for feedback and complaints)

For SRHR programming: Also integrate in the communication and engagement plans propositions/activities that promote SRHR, undertake reflectivedialogue sessions to transform gender and social norms that hinder access to SRHR, and mitigate gendered protection risks (including appropriate mechanisms for feedback and complaints).