2.1.4 Phase 4 – Evaluation

Recommended Actions Minimum Questions
Review programming against conflict sensitivity benchmarks:

•       Context

•       Programming impacts

•       Monitoring process

•      Adaptation/Sensitivity

•       Is the conflict situation deteriorating or improving?

•       How have changes in the context affected CARE’s programming?

•       How has CAREs work had a positive or negative impact on tension and cohesion in the area.

•       How often are CARE and partner staff meeting to discuss complaints and unexpected negative effects of CARE’s work?

•       Is the feedback system working well?

•       Is CARE’s communication strategy ensuring that CARE provides all relevant information in a way which is accessible to beneficiaries and local communities?

•       What programming changes have been made in response to complaints? Has that eased tensions?

•       What further changes could be made to improve relations and reduce violence and tension in the programming area?

Deliver training to address gaps in partner and CARE staff knowledge •       Are there gaps in the areas of IHL, gender, conflict sensitivity and accountability?