Programmatic Preparedness

Operational Standards 

CVA feasibility and risk assessments and market monitoring are in place pre-crisis. 

Key Actions

  1. Conduct CVA feasibility and risk analysis. Actively explore and build an understanding of safety and security issues related to provision of CVA. Consider whether CVA might create or exacerbate protection risks for different groups and define ways to limit or remove risks that recipients may face.
  2. Carry out and use a gender analysis to inform cash preparedness by helping to understand
  3. Analyse and monitor important markets in pre-crisis situation to monitor fluctuations in market functionality (price, access, demand, supply quantities, and market competition and integration)
  4. Map and put in place formal agreements with the institutions charged with the responsibility of providing complementary social protection services
  5. Identify appropriate cash modalities (e.g. conditional, including cash for work, unconditional, restricted unrestricted or multi-purpose cash) and identify appropriate delivery mechanisms (e.g. mobile money, cash-in-hand, paper or e-voucher, etc.) for the emergency response scenarios being considered. Delivery mechanisms must adress the issues identified during the gender analysis.
  6. Identify and sign framework agreements with service providers (e-voucher provider, FSP or traders). 
  7. Develop context specific CVA SOPs